We improve sales margins within industrial companies.

Pricing tactics - Customer selection - Clever marketing

Don't let the market run over you.

Industrial companies struggle with insufficient information and too low margins.

When discussing a deal, purchasers tell you about your competitors’ pricing. The story always says that you are more expensive than the others.

To secure the volume, producers settle for lower price. The result might be ok, but the last percentage is lost. That percentage could have been used for something great. Hiring a new production expert. Installing new machinery to open a production bottleneck. Recruiting a sales rep on new territory. Investing in things that make you more m3 and sales.

Low margins mean zero investments and low progress.

Stop the money drain and let us guide you to monthly improving sales margins. With our trained sales sight, we detect the places where you lose money.

Boost your profitability today and start planning your next investment.

This is the way forward.


A meeting for project definition and proposal.


We analyse, plan and deliver an improvement program.


You report continuously improving results.

Good quality and on-time deliveries are not enough.

Information to customer has to move just as smoothly as your physical products.

Industrial companies have ISO-certified production processes. In customer service, there is no systemised processes.

A typical consequence of this is delayed customer replies. Customers receive order confirmations and product offers too late. They get bored waiting and turn to other suppliers.


We at SalesBro know how to fix this with streamlined and simple processes. Our experience of different sized sales organisations ensures the concrete actions. Let us guide you to long-lasting customerships and monthly growing sales euros and dollars.

Untouched processes keep you busy and stagnant forever. Stop waiting and contact us now.

Who is SalesBro ?

SalesBro projects cover b2b sales, marketing, as well as production optimisation.

Panu Anttila is the brother behind SalesBro. In 2017, he realised that the mid-sized companies were too busy running the daily business. The sales development was neglected, which held up company growth. Panu established SalesBro Oy to be the sales development arm for industrial companies. In addition to sales projects, SalesBro offers production optimisation consultancy supported by its network of experts.

In 2021, Panu founded a new venture called Plywood This Week. The reason for this was the market information being scattered across different sources. Plywood This Week collects plywood market news and data in one place.

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